The Benefit to Working Longer – A Longer Life Expectancy

If you are one of those people who isn’t exactly looking forward to retirement, you may have a valid excuse to continue working. While some people count down the years, months and days until they can officially retire, others dread the day when they are forced to retire, or when people expect them to retire. If you are in the latter group, you are not alone. More importantly, it looks as though you may actually increase your life expectancy by waiting to retire.

Shell Oil conducted a study which found that people who waited until age 65 to retire actually lived longer than those who choose to retire at age 55. For those who are under the belief that retiring early and “taking it easy” is the key to a long life, the study indicates otherwise. In fact, the study concluded that the longer you wait to retire, the longer you may live. Participants in the study who retired early were twice as likely to die within the first ten years after retirement as those who retired later. Men were even more likely to die earlier if they retired earlier.

Not everyone has the financial ability to choose when they retire, but if you do, you may wish to continue working anyway if you want to increase your life expectancy! So if the proverbial rocking chair on the front porch doesn’t sound appealing to you, you now have a valid excuse why you choose to work those few extra years.