VIDEO: Are Oral (Verbal) Contracts Enforceable in Minnesota?

Minnesota contract attorney Aaron Hall explains whether or not oral contracts (sometimes mistaken as verbal contracts) are enforceable in the State of Minnesota.


Clients often ask me whether a on tract in Minnesota is enforceable if it’s only verbal or oral. Now, legally a verbal contract is anything that’s said or spoken, as well as written. So, what we’re talking about here is contracts that are based on spoken conversations. Under Minnesota law that is an oral contract. An the answer is quite simple. Oral contracts are enforceable in Minnesota. Obviously a contract that is written is going to be enforceable as well.

With an oral contract the real issue is whether you can find the evidence to prove that that oral contract actually existed. In other words, are there witnesses, or emails, or other written evidence reflecting the original oral conversation that took place when you entered into an agreement. If you have witnesses that will be some great evidence in court that there was an oral contract.

Because of the complexity of oral contracts it probably makes sense, at least if the stakes are high, to work with a business attorney who understands oral contract law and can advise you on your legal rights and options.