Social Media

Social media is a relatively new tool available in marketing businesses. There are ways that social media can help and hinder your business.

Pros to Social Media

  • Little to no cost.
  • Increases visibility of your brand, products, and services.
  • You can be as active or inactive as you please.
  • Spreads information faster than any other single website.
  • You can advertise for current job openings.
  • Spreads your brand to those out of your current market area.
  • Increased interaction with customers and potential customers.

Cons to Social Media

  • Maintaining a constant, positive presence is enormously time consuming.
  • You open yourselves up to negative comments from strangers who have never used your services.
  • Certain sites allow advertising that may be in competition with your company.
  • Risk of unauthorized sharing.
  • Escalated risk of copyright infringement.

Tips for Using Social Media

  • Make sure your company profile is complete and updated often.
  • Cross syndicate your posts, accomplishments, and announcements throughout separate outlets.
  • Post content regularly, the more often people see your company or brand the more familiar it seems to them.
  • Read negative reviews of your company often, this allows you to see areas that your company has room to improve in.

If you believe someone is using social media as a form of copyright infringement, you should contact a business attorney as soon as possible to minimize any damages.