Business & Corporate Attorney Scholarship

We are proud to announce the first annual Aaron Hall Business & Corporate Attorney Scholarship. The winner will receive $1,000 towards their law school tuition.

The purpose of the scholarship is to support entrepreneurs who have applied themselves to their education, with a preference towards those who have a demonstrated track record of overcoming disadvantages (poverty, ethnic, gender, etc.).

See below for eligibility requirements, deadlines, and the application.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Started businesses that generated at least $10,000 in income in a year
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Be enrolled or accepted to an ABA accredited law school within the United States
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher on a 4.0 scale


The following documents must be provided for consideration:

  • A completed application
  • An copy of a current academic transcript

The award recipient shall provide the following documentation to obtain the scholarship:

  • Proof of Legal Residency in U.S. (i.e. birth certificate, passport, permanent resident card, etc.)
  • An official copy of a current academic transcript
  • A copy of IRS form 1040 Schedule C showing at least $20,000 in business income

The scholarship is to be used exclusively for college tuition and related expenses. A check for $1,000 will be made payable to the award recipient’s school to cover these expenses and she is expected to submit receipts in accordance with IRS regulations.


One applicant will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship in 2015. The award recipient will be notified of the selection on or before August 1, 2015.


Completed applications must be submitted no later than June 30th, 2015.


To obtain an application, email Katie Grenell at

Application materials should be emailed to the attention of Katie Grenell at or

JUX Law Firm
Attn: Ms. Katie Grenell
901 Marquette Avenue, Suite 1675
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402