Minnesota Landlord, Tenant, Rental Attorney

Unfortunately, landlords and tenants (informally referred to as “renters”) in Minnesota don’t always get along. Sometimes the help of an attorney or the court is needed.

Landlords may do the following:

  • wrongfully withhold a tenant’s security deposit
  • fail to fix problems that the tenant has reported
  • breach of the rental agreement / lease

Tenants/Renters may do the following:

  • fail to pay on time
  • damage the property
  • breach of the rental agreement / lease
  • leave the property without paying the lease or utility bills

This is a partial list of problems that Minnesota landlords and tenants may encounter. However, these are the most common problems.

If you are a tenant, attorney Aaron Hall recommends you first call HOME Line at 612-728-5767, which is a free service to Minnesota tenants. HOME Line provides free legal, education, and advocacy services so that tenants throughout Minnesota can solve their own rental housing problems. HOME Line is staffed by Minnesota lawyers and law students, so Minnesota tenants can often get free legal advice over the phone. If a tenant still needs to hire an attorney, Aaron Hall is experienced in tenant representation.

If you are a landlord, HOME Line is a great resource with legal information to ensure that landlords know their duties under the law. However, HOME Line is focused on tenants’ rights and how to fight landlords, not landlord’s rights. Unfortunately, dealing with tenants isn’t always that easy. Attorney Aaron Hall is available to advise landlords regarding their rights and legal options in a half-hour consultation (billed at standard hourly rates). Representation in evictions or litigation is also available.

How Do Minnesota Landlords and Tenants Solve Their Problems?

Problems between landlords and tenants in Minnesota are normally resolved by negotiation, and if that doesn’t work, by litigation. Litigation means initiating a lawsuit. The lawsuit is normally done in conciliation court or housing court, depending on the county in which the property is located. For more information, contact your Minnesota district court, such as the MN Forth District Court serving Hennepin County, the MN Second District Court serving Ramsey County, or the appropriate court for your county.

If your problem is large enough to justify the cost of hiring an attorney, and you need professional legal representation or advice, JUX Law Firm is available to represent or advise landlords and tenants in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area of Minnesota.

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