MN Chiropractor: Dr. Mancini of Pure Health Chiropractic Clinic

In this video, Minnesota attorney Aaron Hall speaks with Dr. David G. Mancini of Pure Health Chiropractic Clinic about his chiropractic practice.

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Aaron Hall: David, you serve a very interesting segment of people that are often professionals that are engaged in their work. They’re often very intelligent, maybe educated, advanced degrees in many times, but one interesting aspect is that they are attentive to their physical needs. They’re actually proactive in trying to prevent problems and dealing with problems that they’re experiencing. What kinds of pains or physical problems are commonly manifested with your clients?

Dr. David Mancini: With the business of chiropracting in general, those multiple diagnosis that are going on but primarily, it’s musculoskeletal.

Aaron Hall: What does that mean?

Dr. David Mancini: That’s a good question. Basically, it’s your soft tissue and your spine so muscle spasms, pains in certain joints, repetitive stress injuries. Those are…

Aaron Hall: For example, what would be a repetitive stress injury?

Dr. David Mancini: Sitting at your desk. Working on your computer. Obviously, any type of this day and age lifestyle activity is causing a lot of harm to your spine and to your muscles.

Aaron Hall: So more and more people are working behind desks in the U.S. today. How is that affecting the types of pain that they’re bringing into you?

Dr. David Mancini: Unfortunately, it’s becoming more chronic. When you go back and sit in the same position where you perform the same repetitive task at your computer or desk, you’re using the same muscles. Unfortunately, a lot of people have muscle imbalances, and they also have spinal misalignments which cause more acute and then chronic issues.

Aaron Hall: So I understand that you take a multifaceted approach to solving these issues. You don’t just say, “Hey, here’s a pill.” You deal both with prevention as well as curing whatever those issues are and getting at the heart of it. Can you talk a little bit about your approach in resolving these issues?

Dr. David Mancini: Of course. Instead of just taking medication and covering up the symptoms, I actually correct the cause and the problem so cause and effect. The issue of our repetitive lifestyles is going to lead to me helping correct your postural issue, your spinal issue, from a pain standpoint and then leading your body to strengthening and actually holding that relief.

Aaron Hall: If I still have to actually sit most of that day and that repetition is occurring, what can we do with our workplace and what can we do besides that that will help?

Dr. David Mancini: I have a specific spinal strengthening equipment. Obviously, everybody can’t have that in their home so that’s one thing that I use. There’s multiple stretches. There’s proactive floor exercises that you can do and obviously maintaining a more proper awareness in how you’re sitting and where your posture is.

Aaron Hall: When you talk about spine strengthening, are you talking about strengthening the muscles or something else?

Dr. David Mancini: There’s actually 180 little rotator muscles in your spine. I don’t think anybody’s gone to the gym and say, “Hey, I’m going to work these muscles out.” I actually again have the equipment but also, I can teach you certain exercises to hit those deep muscles and also the ligaments that hold the vertebrae in your spine together. Get overstretched as well and get weak so it becomes a structural weakness there and either the bone is out of place, or the muscles pulling the bone out of place and causing pain.

Aaron Hall: What factors should people who are experiencing these pains and issues consider in determining whether to see a chiropractor like yourself or others out there?

Dr. David Mancini: Obviously, the best thing is to look at what type of pain, how intense that pain is, and how often it’s occurring. Dullness, fatigue, that’s pretty normal in our daily lives, but if it becomes more of a sharp pain, a shooting pain, or a burning pain, or even tingling down to the hands or feet, there’s definitely some chronic issues going on that need to be addressed probably  from a chiropractic standpoint. If it needs to be referred out to something else, obviously through my examination, I’ll do that.

Aaron Hall: What types of issues are best addressed by a general practitioner, physical therapist, and chiropractor? How would you segment out their expertise?

Dr. David Mancini: General practitioners are very vast in their knowledge. Unfortunately, they don’t specialize in specific things, but they know how to refer and defer their problems elsewhere. When they get musculoskeletal issues, sometimes I think that gets put in the backburner. People get the medications, and they put the ice back on it. For me, a lot of times I deal with again not only musculoskeletal pain but a lot of nerve issues, disc injuries, sports injuries, and as we’re just talking about, postural ergonomical issues. With a physical therapist, you’re looking at a lot of it being post-pain so the strengthening aspect, but really in my mind, you need to deal with the pain first and set the body or prepare the body to do the physical therapy. In my practice, I do both.

Aaron Hall: What’s the next step if people want to connect with you?

Dr. David Mancini: Obviously, people can go to my website which is or else, you can call the office at (612) 378-9355. On my website, you can email me if you’d like too as well.

Aaron Hall: Great. Thank you, David.

Dr. David Mancini: No problem. Thanks.