Minnesota Secretary of State Business Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2

July 2013

Let Us Know How We Can Help Your Business

Some of the best ideas for improvements to our business services come from customers. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions. Email your ideas for better service or products to business.suggetions@state.mn.us.

Do You Operate Under an Assumed Name?

Assumed Names filed before September 6, 2011, have a 10-year term and will not need to be renewed until six months prior to the expiration date. At the end of the 10 years, filing an annual renewal will change the duration of the assumed name from a 10-year term to perpetual. From then on, an annual renewal must be filed each calendar year, as is the case for other business types; failure to file a renewal will result in expiration of the business. Any assumed name that expires as a result of failing to file the annual renewal may be reinstated by filing the annual renewal with the reinstatement fee, effective August 1, 2013. This office will no longer mail the required paperwork to assumed name-holders at the end of the 10-year period.

  • protects emails provided by customers as an official email for notice purposes except when a copy of a document is requested by the specific name of the entity or specific lien debtor;
  • makes it optional for the articles of a cooperative to have a registered agent;
  • provides that the secretary of state may send certain notices to limited partnerships by email;
  • provides that the duration of limited partnerships in Minnesota is governed by the documents filed by the limited partnership;
  • allows foreign limited liability partnerships to state a desired alternate name in their application;
  • allows assumed names whose previous term expires during the 10-year transition period that started on September 5, 2011, to reinstate to perpetual duration by simply filing the annual renewal with applicable filing fee;
  • allows the notice required to be sent to holders of expiring state trademarks to now be sent by any means including email, not only by U.S. Mail;
  • makes public the taxpayer information number sometimes provided by private parties in UCC secured financing statements and CNS farm liens public. It was public prior to 2010 and is easily obtainable from the IRS.

Want to Market to Other Businesses? We Can Help with Customized Business Lists

Customized lists of Minnesota businesses can be ordered by business type, geographic area and ZIP Code. For more information, visit the Secretary of State website, or contact our Business Information line at (651) 296-2803 or 1-877-551-6767.