Minnesota Medical Marijuana Manufacturer Applicant Information

On September 12, 2014 the Minnesota Department of Health posted additional answers to questions that have developed since the release of the final draft of the request for application. The following is a summary of the new information provided:

  • The Minnesota Department of Health is not aware of any reason why chronic pAn Initiative To Legalize Marijuana In California To Appear On Nov. Ballotain was not included as an approved condition, but noted that the department has the ability to add new conditions in the future.
  • Request for application does not require any specific documentation regarding ownership or lease rights of a property for a distribution site. However, the department will look to the readiness of an applicant when evaluating the application.
  • The definition of a “school” in relation to Minnesota’s medical cannabis program does not include day care, prekindergarten or post-high school facilities. The department defines public or private school to mean “any property owned, leased, or controlled by a school district, charter school, or accredited nonpublic school were an elementary, middle, secondary school, secondary location center, or other school providing educational services in kindergarten through grade 12 is located, or used for educational purposes.” Accredited nonpublic school means “any nonpublic school accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Minnesota nonpublic education Council under section 123B.445, excluding homeschools.”
  • Minnesota Department of Health has had no conversations with the banking community to assist with the banking issues since the August 8, 2014 meeting.
  • State of Minnesota will not provide funding for manufacturers.
  • Potential manufacturers can find information regarding business-related tax questions from the presentation from the Department of Revenue on August 8, 2014. That information can be found online here and here.
  • Individuals can apply to be manufacturers.
  • The letter of intent requires the following information: manufacturer’s name, names of the owners and managing directors of the organization, a name, telephone number, and email address for responding to questions that arise during the evaluation process, and indication of whether the manufacturer requests a presentation.
  • For the bonus point items in the request for application, the text in the plan must be within the page limits, however, if there are additional exhibits documentation that are relevant they can be included without concern for the space limitations.
  • Minnesota’s medical marijuana statute does not provide any specific protections for corporate officers and directors with professional licenses other than Minnesota boards of medical practice, nursing and pharmacy, and attorneys.
  • The protections that pharmacists are granted in Minnesota’s medical marijuana statute applies only to the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy and does not extend beyond that.