Minnesota Medical Marijuana Manufacturer FAQ Update Sep. 22, 2014

 Medical Marijuana Manufacturer Questions and Answers

The Minnesota Department of Health has again published updates to the Medical Cannabis Manufacturer Questions and Answers portion of its webpage. Below is a summary of those questions and answers:

  • Both manufacturers selected will be expected to begin providing medical cannabis on July 1, 2015. If a manufacturer notifies Minnesota Department of Health that is unable to begin distribution by that date, then Minn. Stat. § 152.25, subd. 3 allows for a six-month extension. This explanation does not entirely answer the original question posed which was one manufacturer is ready to distribute by July 1, 2015 the other manufacturer is not ready and request an extension must the “ready” manufacturer wait six months as well.michigan-medical-marijuana1
  • The Minnesota Department of Health received a number of questions regarding marketing and logos relative to “medical symbols.” The Minnesota Department of Health responded by stating that the language in the manufacturer’s rules will be adjusted in order to minimize confusion regarding the use “medical symbols.” In the meantime companies should complete due diligence on any logo or graphics regarding trademark or copyright violations.
  • Identifying third-party vendors in the request for application will assist the Department of Health in evaluating an applicant’s ability and readiness to begin operations.
  • For the purposes of the request for application using a reputable national search firm when conducting any and all criminal history for investors/owners and officers is sufficient.
  • If an applicant feel that they cannot fill out the application with in the page limitation, the applicants can email the Minnesota Department of Health taking a page limits exception. The email must have a description of the attachment or exhibit and the reason why inclusion of an attachment or exhibit will go beyond the page limits. All requests for a page on an exception must be received by 3 p.m. on September 30, 2014.