Minnesota Business Spotlight: Brandography’s Approach to Website Development

Brandography’s Self-Sustaining Websites Help Businesses Create and Manage Their Sites

It has been said that every person is your teacher. Brandography owner, Jason Dailey, believes this is true for every business as well.

“Each time you work with a business, you have a great opportunity to learn. The best scenario is when you’re able to learn what they do really well and allow it to positively influence your own business approach. But even when we’re exposed to negative business practices, we can use those experiences to improve our own methods of doing business,” commented Mr. Dailey.

After years of helping Minnesota businesses withBrandography’s web design and online marketing services, it became clear to Mr. Dailey that it was time to completely transform the process – making it positive, inexpensive and easy for every client to create a website – those with great technical savvy as well as those with absolutely none.

“Unfortunately, business owners are all too often ‘held hostage’ by their website developers,” says Mr. Dailey. “After spending a great deal of time and usually way too much money on their business website, individuals often find themselves at the mercy of their web developer. They’re not able to maintain their own site, they have to keep going back to their web developer for changes and corrections – continuing to spend even more money – and in the worse cases that I’ve seen, may not even end up owning their own website.”

Brandography has transformed this process by providing businesses with self-sustaining websites that can be easily maintained without technical expertise and do not require the ongoing services of a web developer.

These innovative, self-sustaining websites are built with marketing in mind – not just design. This means that even though Brandography’s website design is simple for businesses to manage, it also incorporates powerful optimization features to make it an effective marketing tool – attracting optimal website traffic and capturing value from every hit by extracting vital customer information – including email addresses. Additionally, Brandography websites are built using a mobile platform – an essential feature with the rapid expanse of mobile access.

Recently, Brandography launched ThemeSprout, a new website theme marketplace for the website do-it-yourselfers, where individuals can buy and sell website themes and plugins for CMS and e-commerce platforms such as WordPress. ThemeSprout provides businesses with website solutions while adhering to Brandography’s philosophy of keeping website management simple and approachable for every customer.

“Because we’ve had the privilege of helping so many business owners with their web marketing, our company has come to greatly value the entrepreneurial character of these individuals,” says Mr. Dailey. “By providing quality tools and services that allow businesses to retain control of their own websites, I believe we’re honoring that independent and entrepreneurial spirit.”

More information can be found at Brandography.com and at ThemeSprout.com or by contacting info@brandography.com or 612-460-0016. Visit Jason’s profile here: Minneapolis Website Developer.