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Internet Insurance Mouse Trap

E-Insurance For Companies With An Online Presence

With the growth of the Internet and e-commerce, the law regarding business insurance is evolving as coverage is being extended to new areas. Both the insurance industry and the courts are starting to sort out how existing insurance products apply to e-commerce.

Businesses that operate on the Internet face the possibility that their activities may subject them to liability in other jurisdictions. Since the Internet transcends geographical boundaries, one may be subject to a lawsuit in another state or even another country. It is fair to say that any company doing business on the Internet should consider that it is essentially a global business that might be sued in any court and in any territory where its business presence becomes known.

Companies with operations on the Internet are in the business of information publishing, vulnerable to liabilities that typically plague media companies such as defamation, invasion of privacy and intellectual property infringement claims. While these causes of action are not new, an Internet company’s assets are more vulnerable to theft or business interruption. Damages associated with intangible assets, such as data theft or loss of business capability, pose risks unique to Internet companies.

As with all insurance, a business must make sure of what is and is not covered by their current insurance before investigating the variety of Internet-specific policies.