More Segments of the Population Launching Startups

During an increasingly bitter presidential election season, it seems like there is little our nation can agree upon. Yet, rising above the bitter arguments stands the admiration of small business. Both the left and the right, recognize the importance of innovation to the vitality of our country. Entrepreneurship is a long-standing American tradition, and in 2016 more and more segments of the population are getting engaged in this sector of our economy through launching companies. Highlighted below are two ground-breaking startups, one women-owned and one veteran-owned.

HB Healthcare Safety

What do you get if you combine together three of the fastest growing sectors of our economy? The answer is HB Healthcare Safety. Part high-tech, part big data, part healthcare-oriented, this startup is utilizing the Public Benefit Corporation structure to work towards the belief that “no one should ever suffer or die as a result of healthcare process of care or system failures.”

HB Healthcare Safety is launching out of Mayo Clinics Ventures, which commercializes Mayo Clinic technologies for the benefit of patients across the globe. The startup combines data gathering, analytics, interpretation and data visualization, to provide meaningful insights for healthcare centers to prioritize their quality improvement initiatives.

Think the company is as ground-breaking as can be? Think again. HB Healthcare Safety is women-owned.


Social media platforms are commonplace. From Facebook to Snapchat to Tinder, there are literally dozens of mediums to create a social profile and meet others virtually. But you do not have to be a sociologist to realize that the public image people create for themselves on social media, is oftentimes not an accurate representation of who they really are. People endlessly edit their photos. They stringently curate their postings. In short, they hide their true selves.

Unveil.Social recognizes that to a certain extent everyone “obscures the truth” to manage their public image and the truth of our real selves is not always celebrated. The startup aims to safely reveal deeper social truths by working to bring society and individuals together in more honest and meaningful ways. They see this mission as urgent, since according to the NY Times having “weak social ties is more harmful than not exercising and twice as risky as being obese.”

As a veteran, the founder of Unveil.Social is highly attuned to the consequences of social isolation. Indeed the tragically high rate of veteran suicide, can be partly attributed to alienation from community upon returning to civilian life. The founder of Unveil.Social hopes that his initiative will allow veterans, and all of society, to forgo social hibernation and instead create authentic relationships with the people around us.


As demographic groups long underrepresented in the startup sector continue to break down barriers, they need allies to remove obstacles from their paths. At JUX, we believe that legal regulation and complexity should never limit entrepreneurial potential. We are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, from all backgrounds, to break-in to the thriving innovation sector. We have helped the owners of HB Healthcare Safety and Unveil.Social launch their visions; now let us help you.

Attorney Kim Lowe helps social entrepreneurs in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, navigate the complex legal and business issues faced by the modern enterprise.  Utilizing decades of legal, business and leadership experience, as well as her nationally recognized unique cross-sector expertise, Kim helps business and thought leaders create, fund and operate for-profit enterprises, benefit corporations, cooperatives and/or nonprofit organizations within the startup sector.