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It’s critical for retailers and restaurant owners to work with professionals who know their business, and the JUX Retail and Restaurant Team knows the retail and restaurant business.

John Saunders  served as Vice President and General Counsel for a multi-unit Wendy’s Wendy’s with 50 plus locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin and 30 Fannie May Chocolate locations throughout the Midwest. We’ve been there in the trenches, and we want you to benefit from our experience.

The JUX Retail and Restaurant Team also benefits from Kim Lowe’s focus on mergers and acquisitions and corporate tax guidance. Kim Lowe helps retailers and restaurants navigate the complex legal and business issues faced by the modern enterprise. Utilizing decades of legal, business and leadership experience, as well as her nationally recognized unique cross-sector expertise, Kim helps business and thought leaders create, fund and operate for-profit enterprises, benefit corporations, cooperatives and/or nonprofit organizations within the retail and restaurant space.

Retail and Restaurant Industry Legal Experience

Our Retail & Restaurant Team brings together a diverse and skilled group of corporate, real estate, employment, finance, restructuring, litigation, intellectual property and tax attorneys. Our team has years of experience navigating the legal and business issues facing retailers, landlords, owners, developers, prospective purchasers, restaurateurs, and consumer good providers. Our team has a particular focus in aiding small to mid-size retailers and restaurants, especially those that are closely held.

  • Employment
  • Intellectual property, trademark and copyright
  • Leasing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real estate
  • Fundraising—Corporate Finance
  • Tax

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