How to Market Yourself in Minnesota – Professional Services Marketing Inc.

Minnesota attorney Aaron Hall speaks with Kristy Gusick and Terrie Wheeler of Professional Services Marketing, Inc. Kristy and Terrie provide coaching to professionals looking to improve their marketing and increase business.

Interviewer: Aaron Hall (AH), Minneapolis Attorney

Interviewees: Kristy Gusick (KG), Professional Services Marketing Inc. and Terrie Wheeler (TW), Professional Services Marketing Inc.

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AH: Attorneys, accountants, other professionals often struggle with how to market themselves. What are the common problems that your clients face which lead them to you?

KG: I think that’s a really good question and we often find that there are a few things that people, which we work with share in common. One of the biggest challenges that people face, that come to work with professional services marketing is really a challenge on increasing their income, increasing their bottom line revenue and it can be anybody from somebody that’s new in the business and really just trying to develop their practice or somebody that is looking for coaching and advice on moving up a level in their practice and looking to really create a marketing plan that they can have some accountability and help implementing [01:00] that will get them started on right foot or somebody that really need to focus on little more….. Tightly around what niche they can look at within their existing practice and really take it to the next level and what that might look at, look like.

AH: It’s interesting you say that because a lot of, at least my impression of those in marketing are that they will focus on one area like online marketing or branding or something else, gorilla marketing but you are looking at it from the entrepreneur’s standpoint. Let’s start with the bottom line and use the money as a way to measure return on an investment. What’s the next step then when somebody comes to you and says, “Ok so I want to make more money”? How do you help them towards that?

TW: I would say the first thing we do is that we make sure that we fully understand what their needs are. We can’t, we don’t have a cookie cutter approach so our process starts with asking a lot of questions, bring them through some various [02:00] different types of assessments to help them really know and understand what their strengths are because we want to create coaching environment for them and that capitalizes on their strengths. We then look at what’s worked for you? What hasn’t worked for you? Who are your competitors? How are you pricing your services? Why do people buy from you? We have to get into that on an individual basis because we then will take that information and create a plan around their strengths and that snapshot appears where you are now. So the planning portion really involves how are we going to take the current situation and come up with some activities that are going to guide and direct you to what you are looking for which in most cases is new business development and interestingly most of our clients don’t learn this in school. They went to professional schools and they didn’t necessarily learn how to market themselves in their educational pursuits. [03:00].


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