Get a Grip on Your Business

The following is a guest article from CJ DuBe’ of Achieve Traction. CJ will be speaking at our Minnesota CEO & Business Owner Conference on October 8.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a holistic business operating system focused on helping companies gain traction and realize their vision with a strong spotlight on being healthy. As a seasoned EOS Implementer, I have seen how instilling these concepts will help grow and stabilize your business.


Vision is getting everyone in your company on the same page and moving in the same direction. Not only with where you’re going, but how you’re going to get there.

Have you ever met someone who rattles off a thousand ideas a minute? They appear to see into the future, and have big relationships with clients, vendors and bankers. These crazy, but very special, individuals are Visionaries. The best Visionaries have grown amazing companies, and are able to surround themselves with the right people to make their vision come to life.

Then there are other Visionaries, the ones that never seem to get an idea off the ground. They consistently feel like pulling their hair out and just can’t get traction. Nobody ever listens, and the numbers don’t align. They continue to try a lot of things—but nothing works!


Traction is execution, results, making things happen. It’s the feeling of winning the race with ease. Vision without traction is hallucination.

The People AnalyzerGrowing a company takes more than just a great vision or idea. To gain traction you need to have execution and accountability to solve problems and make decisions. Having the right people to execute on your vision is key. The right people are the ones that align with your core values—the 3-7 characteristics that describe your business. They are the heart and soul of your business. When your people align with you, all the arrows are moving in the same direction and progress is made. The People Analyzer helps to crystallize whether you have the right people. It will also help you hire, fire, mentor and motivate around your core values.

Traction happens when you identify the right functions in your business and the right seats for those functions. Using the Accountability Chart (an org chart on steroids), and looking at your business from a 30-foot view, will help determine the necessary functions that are needed to take you into the future. Clearly identifying the roles and responsibilities of each seat provides clarity and simplicity for all. We’re not crashing into one other, we have amazing peripheral vision, and everyone is in step with each other. Each person is holding themselves accountable for their roles and responsibilities. This is your start to getting real simple results.


The third area of focus is healthy. Healthy is being a cohesive leadership team, all working together for the greater good of the business. This often is the hardest to accomplish, as it takes being open, honest, and vulnerable. Be open-minded with one another, completely honest in using your voice, and vulnerable by willing to hear what needs to be said.

In EOS, we use these tools and concepts to help small to mid-sized companies break through the ceiling and achieve the vision they imagine. Three words: vision, traction, healthy. By instilling these into your business, you will begin to achieve real simple results.

CJ DuBe’ is a connector, professional speaker, Certified EOS Implementer, and serial entrepreneur who shows business leaders a bigger vision. For questions or more information please contact CJ directly via Twitter @EOSCJDUBE or LinkedIn.