Free Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney Consultation

Let’s face it, bankruptcy laws are confusing. To figure out if bankruptcy is a good option for you, you should obtain a free 20-minute analysis from a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer.

The process is simple. Contact us to begin: Call 612-466-0010.

What will be done during the free bankruptcy consultation?

The bankruptcy consultation will involve the attorney analyzing

  • your debts (money you owe to anyone) and the type of debts;
  • your assets (what you own) including money, retirement accounts, real estate, vehicles, or business ownership; and
  • your goals and concerns.

What will I learn during the bankruptcy attorney consultation?

During the consultation, the bankruptcy attorney will explain

  • the assets you could keep under bankruptcy,
  • how to keep additional assets, and
  • any risks or consequences of bankruptcy.

What should I bring to the bankruptcy attorney consultation?

For your free attorney consultation, please bring the following if possible:

  • Know how much money you have in the bank.
  • Know generally how much you owe on credit cards.
  • Know how much your vehicles are worth today and how much you own on vehicle loans.
  • Bring a recent statement from each investment or retirement account.
  • Bring the last tax return that you filed.

How do I get started?

To get a FREE analysis of your circumstance from a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney, call 612-466-0010 or complete the form on the right.