Like Food? Love Community? Start a Public Benefit Corporation

Foodie Craze

Over the last few years, an undeniable “foodie” craze has swept the nation. From trendy restaurants to local ingredients to coop grocery stores, people seem to be paying more attention to their food then ever before. But there is an underlying phenomenon to this food-centric trend. People are not just paying more attention to their food, people are paying more attention to their communities.

Trendy restaurants are part of the urban community resurgence. Local ingredients are part of the locavore community movement. Coop grocery stores are local communities rebuffing the corporate food industry. The unifying undercurrent is that people care more than ever about the health of their communities, and nothing dictates the communal health more than food quality.

Socially-Minded, Culinary Initiatives

Leaders of local community resurgences are becoming ever more creative. Emboldened by a legal advent known as Public Benefit Corporations, which are socially-minded, for-profit enterprises, social entrepreneurs are able to do well and do good at the same time. Nick Collins and his benefit corporation, Fury Foods, SBC are a perfect example.

While still in its conceptual phase Fury Foods, SBC and its food concept, Just Bowls, embody the ethos of both the community and food movements. Just Bowls aims to “combine locally sourced, real food/slow food with the goal of living-wage jobs for those without a place at the economic table.” Empowered by the benefit corporation model, this endeavor is able to:

Not only produce globally inspired and desirable products at an industry-standard profit, but to also positively impact the larger community. Just Bowls is an entrepreneurial endeavor that uses profit to benefit youth and adults who haven’t real opportunities with which to sustain their lives.

It is an exciting time for individuals who like food and love their communities (which is hopefully most of us). Fury Foods, SBC is one of many socially-minded, culinary initiatives. With the Public Benefit Corporation, boundless opportunities are available to social entrepreneurs striving to connect food and the community.

Attorney Kim Lowe helps social entrepreneurs in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, navigate the complex legal and business issues faced by the modern social enterprise.  Utilizing decades of legal, business and leadership experience, as well as her nationally recognized unique cross-sector expertise, Kim helps business and thought leaders create, fund and operate for-profit enterprises, benefit corporations, cooperatives and/or nonprofit organizations within both the community and food-based movements.