Lance Ziesemer Suspended by FINRA for Unit Investment Trust Switching

Lance Ziesemer, who was employed by Feltl & Company, during the time period in question was suspended by FINRA based on findings that he implemented a trading strategy and made unsuitable recommendations to customers to switch from unit investment trusts (UITs) to other UITs after holding the investments for a short period of time.

The findings stated that Ziesemer’s member firm’s procedures in place at the time, required Ziesemer to obtain a “switch letter” signed by the customer before selling any UIT and purchasing another UIT that carried a sales charge.  Although all of the customers’ short-term UIT trades fell into that category, Ziesemer failed to obtain switch letters for any of them.

The short-term UIT transactions resulted in approximately $160,000 in combined net losses for the customers.  In addition, the customers paid total commissions of $64,815 on the transactions of which Ziesemer received $38,889.  The foregoing is all according to FINRA in a Letter of Acceptance, Waiver, and Consent in which Ziesemer neither admitted or denied the findings.

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