FINRA Securities Arbitration Filing

Mark C. Santi, Esq. of JUX files a Securities Arbitration against Feltl and Company and Brandt B. Wendland on Behalf of Elderly Investors

On July 7, 2014, commercial litigator and securities attorney Mark C. Santi with JUX submitted a Statement of Claim to securities arbitration on behalf of two elderly investors from Minnesota. The Statement of Claim was filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) and alleges that broker Brandt B. Wendland and his employer Feltl and Company engaged in a pattern of highly unsuitable trading in the elderly investors’ account which included, among other things, frequent trading, penny stocks, and stocks for which the brokerage firm made a market. The Statement of Claim alleges violations of several industry rules (including FINRA and NASD rules) which resulted in a depletion of much of the investors’ nest egg as well as financial hardship to the elderly investors. The Claim will be heard by a three-person arbitration panel.