Experienced Drug Offense Lawyer in Minnesota

Experienced Minnesota Drug Crime Attorneys Work for You

Experienced criminal defense attorneys use their years of experience in the courtroom to represent people accused of many different kinds of drug-related crimes, for example:

  • top dealers alleged to be involved in drug distribution and manufacturing syndicates and criminal conspiracies;
  • narcotics dealers who the government alleged were guilty of First Degree Murder for simply acting in self-defense while being robbed by a buyer;
  • drug peddlers charged with carrying guns and other weapons while manufacturing, distributing, or possessing narcotics;
  • meth cookers (and homeowners where cooking occurred);
  • roommates charged with drug offenses simply because they were living in a residence where drugs were being sold or possessed by other people in the dwelling;
  • street level dealers charged with trumped-up drug offenses because of the color of their skin or some other police bias;
  • drug addicts charged with felony drug possession (a) for simply trying to treat a medical condition and live a pain-free life or (b) because they cannot afford contemporary medical treatments or modern drug rehab. clinics;
  • doctor-created addicts charged with “script fraud” (or fraudulently trying to obtain or fill a medical prescription) after a doctor’s treatment caused them to become an addict;
  • individuals using party-drugs (like mushrooms, acid, ecstasy, etc.) solely as a means of entertainment with their friends, yet charged with serious felony possession and even distribution for doing so; and
  • people charged with minor offenses for such things as possession of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia.