Example Demand Letter: First Attempt to Collect a Debt

This is an example demand letter attempting to collect an unpaid debt. For more demand letters, see the Minnesota Demand Letters page.

Watch This Before You Continue

Demand Letter Sample:


Sent by U.S. Mail


Re: Collection of [CLIENT’S BUSINESS]’s Fees for [ITEMS]

Dear [DEBTOR]:

This firm represents [CLIENT] and [CLIENT’S BUSINESS]. As you know, you purchased [X] [ITEMS] from my clients.

[CLIENT] and [CLIENT’S BUSINESS] provided these [ITEMS] and submitted invoice #[XXXX] dated [DATE]. That bill noted the total amount due to [CLIENT’S BUSINESS] was $[AMOUNT]. Your failure to timely pay is a breach of contract.

We are prepared to proceed with legal action. However, my clients would prefer to give you one last opportunity to make payment and avoid legal action. Accordingly, please remit full payment within ten (10) days of this letter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.


Attorney at Law