Estate Planning

Estate Planning

At JUX, we believe legal expertise is best used to empower others (not ourselves). Attorneys should serve as partners advising individuals, businesses, and institutions to see the value of the law and use it as a catalyst for growth.
We strive to embody this ethos by innovating new ways to share our legal knowledge and skill in areas crucial to your life and business.

Wills & Trusts

No matter your stage of life, you want to know that your assets and your loved ones will be taken care of. We help clients protect what matters most to them, achieving peace of mind about the future.
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Planning
  • Probate & Trust Administration

Elder Law

Senior years can present unexpected health issues and a complex maze of legal issues. Before seniors go broke from nursing home costs, our attorneys design plans to preserve and protect assets for the family.
  • Nursing Home Asset Protection
  • Medical Assistance, Medicaid & Medicare
  • Transfers to Family Members
  • Asset Protection Planning

Trust & Estates Litigation

We have a proven track record advocating for our clients in complex, high-stakes litigation in state, federal, and appellate courts. Our approach is to out-smart, not out-spend, by partnering with clients to design a strategy that achieves their goals.
  • Financial Litigation
  • Trusts & Estates Disputes
  • Business Lawsuits
  • Employment Disputes

The easiest way to find an attorney experienced with your particular legal matter is to contact us. If we cannot help you, we will refer you to a lawyer who can.