Entrepreneurs' Story: How to Transform Yourself & Your Business | Mark Carlson


I’m Aaron Hall, Business Attorney in Minneapolis.

Hi, I’m Mark Santi, from JUX Law Firm. I’m a business litigation attorney and counselor. I’m here today with Mark Carlson. Good to see you, Mark.

Good to see you, too. Thank you for having me today.

So, this is a chance for you to tell us a little bit about what you do.

Sure. You know, the name of my company is Tremendous Transformations, and at my company, I work with people to create possibilities through personal transformation, one life at a time. What that actually means is that people come to me for help either with their business, their personal life, their life coaching, or with their health. So I’m a holistic life, health, and business coach. I call it my gift bag firm.

So, that implies you had a previous career.

I did. You know, I’ve done a few things. A guy my age, I’m not typical, I’ve had probably seven or eight careers in my life. I was a music teacher at college. I’ve been in corporate America, I have an MBA. I’ve owned my own business for many years. And now, I’m semi-retired after selling that business for a nice profit I might say. Now, I’m in what I call my gift bag firm, and my job now is to to help people realize their potential and their possibility.

What do you think led you down that road?

You know, I have my own struggles with weight, and about four years ago, I dropped more than 60 pounds. [inaudible] I’m totally medication-free. I’m very near my target weight goal, and I just have a passion for wellness, and it’s led me to meet the most fantastic people.

What I’m hearing is, it’s a combination of personal achievement you have with weight loss with business expertise you’ve gained over many years, you’re trying to combine those two things. Is that accurate?

Yeah, and you know what’s really interesting about this is that most people come to me for one of those three areas, but the reality is that in our life, we really driven by forming things. Those are our relationships, our spirituality, whatever that means to you, for some people it’s organized religion, for others it’s yoga or medication, but whatever that means to you. Also your physical wellness, and then your relationships. Whether you are in business, whether you’re doing things personally, whatever the reason, they are all interconnected.

Problems at work are often related to some problems somewhere else. Often times, like people with weight issues, it has nothing to do with the food or what they’re doing. They’re eating that way because of something else, and all I do is listen. I talk, I ask very pointed questions, I help them sort that through. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a psychotherapist. I’m a great listener, and I help people stay in their own power. I think it’s probably the best way to put that.

Thank you. I think you have mentioned to me earlier that you worked for entrepreneurs, folks who are running small businesses.

I do. I do. I can work in a corporate setting, and I do do that. I do some group coaching for corporations, I do group presentations on health or facilitate process management improvement. I mean, I have this, I have a weird varied background. But I also work just one-on-one with small business owners, people like me actually who have their own small business. They don’t know how to market it on the Internet, they don’t know how to build their contact list. They don’t know how to actually organize and outsource help so that they’re not trying to do everything. So in essence, what I help them do is get out of overwhelmed, and get into consistent, meaningful, directed action.

And are these businesses usually in the health steer or a variety of things?

You know, they run the gambit. There is an arm that’s bent into massage therapy and acupuncture, that kind of chiropractic work that [inaudible]. But then there’s also the small business owner that’s got two to fifteen plays. I have my MBA, it’s in Organizational Design Development, and so I’m able to help them understand their organizations. What I’ve found with most small business owners, it doesn’t matter what company they are in, it’s all about how they’re interacting, how they’re feeling, and how they’re strategically doing things systematically to be effective. What happens is people get trapped in their fear, and they would never identify it as that. Because most entrepenurs are very egotistical. They’re very [inaudible] think that they can just do things by themselves. ‘If I just work harder, if I knuckle down more, I can get this done.’ But it’s very lonely in the entrepreneur world and very lonely in the small business world.

You need an area of support that helps hold you accountable, that helps you sort things through, but more importantly, someone you can talk to. ‘Cause it’s very lonely in that corner office. You have to be perfect all the time, and who can you be vulnerable with? That’s the role that I play.

Interesting. Sounds like a great service. Where can we find you if we need to?

Well, there is a variety of ways. Probably the best way is my website which is www.tremendoustransformations.com, that’s the very best way. You can follow me on Twitter, I’m @TTransform. And then, my e-mail address is mark@tremendoustransformations.com.

Great! Well, please check out Mark Carlson at Tremendous Transformations. I’m Mark Santi with JUX Law Firm. Thanks a lot, Mark.

Thank you. I appreciate it.