Driver’s License Reinstatement Fees Under Minnesota's DWI Laws

DUI DWI Driver's License DL Reinstatement

Before becoming relicensed to drive after the period of license withdrawal stemming from an implied consent violation or DWI conviction, a person must pass the license examination and re- apply for a driver’s license and pay the following fees:

  • $250 – driver’s license (DL) reinstatement fee (basic fee)
  • $430 – surcharge on the DL reinstatement fee
  • $24 – DL application fee

The $250 driver’s license reinstatement fee and $430 surcharge apply to alcohol-related and CVO-related license withdrawals only; the standard reinstatement fee of $30 applies following loss of license for other reasons.

Effective July 1, 2009, certain persons who are eligible for a public defender may pay the reinstatement fee and surcharge in two installments. A handling fee may be imposed for utilizing the installment plan. The driver’s license expires in two years unless the second installment is paid. Full payment of the fee and surcharge is required before a person can renew a license on the standard schedule or reinstate a cancelled, revoked, or suspended license.

CREDIT: The content of this post has been copied or adopted from An Overview of Minnesota’s DWI Laws, originally published by the Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department and written by legislative analysts Jim Cleary and Rebecca Pirius.

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