Civil and Regulatory Provisions Predatory Offender Registration Law

The predatory offender registration law requires registration of individuals who have committed certain crimes under Minnesota law, federal law, or the law of other states. The law also requires registration of certain individuals who have been civilly committed.

Offenders Who Commit Offenses in Minnesota. An adult who is charged with and convicted of, or a juvenile who is petitioned for and adjudicated delinquent for, one of the following offenses or another offense arising out of the same set of circumstances, must register under the law:

  • murder while committing or attempting to commit criminal sexual conduct in the first or second degree with force or violence
  • kidnapping
  • criminal sexual conduct in the first, second, third, and fourth degree and felony criminalsexual conduct in the fifth degree
  • criminal sexual predatory conduct
  • felony indecent exposure
  • false imprisonment of a minor
  • soliciting a minor to engage in prostitution
  • soliciting a minor to engage in sexual conduct
  • using a minor in a sexual performance
  • possessing pictorial representations of minors
An adult also must register under the law if sentenced as an engrained sex offender under Minnesota Statutes, section 609.3455, subdivision 3a. Minn. Stat. § 243.166, subd. 1b.
CREDIT: The content of this and any related posts has been copied or adopted from the Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department’s Information Brief, Sex Offenders and Predatory Offenders: Minnesota Criminal and Civil Regulatory Laws, written by Legislative Analyst Jeffrey Diebel.
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