Our Law Firm Was Founded on a Shared Belief

Since our firm began...

We believed legal expertise is best used to empower others. We believe it’s time for a change in the way the law supports people—in life and in business: time to put minds to work and egos to rest. Time to restore the faith people have lost from self-serving counsel.
Time to provide actionable knowledge to support people in achieving their goals, immediate and long term From our non-traditional style to the collaborative nature in which we share our expertise, we believe it’s time for a legal partner who uses expertise to empower others.


You probably noticed, JUX is not your typical law firm. We believe JUX is not the right fit for most attorneys. We don’t want to be like traditional law firms. It’s no secret that many law firm clients and law firm employees are unhappy with traditional law firms. We are changing that.

Focus on Happy Clients. We know businesses are frustrated with over-lawyering, poor communications, shocking legal bills, and inefficiency. We are on a journey to figure out—with our clients—how to deliver more value to clients by pursuing innovation in fees, communications, and how we work together. This involves focusing on overcoming frustrations with the traditional practice of law—with a mission to build raving fans.

Focus on Happy People. Likewise, we know people in law firms often feel overworked, stressed, and negative. Life is too short to be miserable at work. This is one key way we are different. At JUX, Teammate Satisfaction is one of our core values. This means we are continually talking about and focusing on making work more positive, enjoyable, and happy. We want to make the world a better place, and that includes in our workplace. We work as a team to make each day more positive than the last. While this means investing in our colleagues, and taking time for each other, we believe it is worth it.

Our Core Values

Our core values define who we are, the trade-offs we make, and the types of people we want to spend each day with. One purpose of core values is to repel people who do not share them, helping our team avoid the wrong team members. We are open and honest with you about who we are, so you can determine whether this is the right environment for you.

  • Integrity – We do what is right regardless of the cost.
  • Excellence – We give our all to be the best in everything we undertake.
  • Innovation – We continually ask if there is a better way, constantly improving.
  • Trusted Advisor – We earn trust daily by exceeding expectations while advancing our clients’ success.
  • Teammate Satisfaction – We endeavor to make our workplace happy, encouraging each other to thrive, professionally and personally.
  • Teamwork – We are most happy and successful when we subordinate our self-interest for the team’s best interest, elevating everyone.

Our Culture (Why People Enjoy Working Here)

Our core values have created a unique culture which our JUX team loves. JUX’s mission-driven culture was recently covered in the Star Tribune. However, the JUX culture is not for everyone. In fact, after reading the paragraph below, over half of the candidates who apply for a position at JUX decide our firm is not the right fit. The right candidates love that they can work on a team dedicated to living these values daily.

You will want to consider whether our approach to work conflicts with how you operate:

  • Integrity: Are you hardwired to do what is right, even if you must sacrifice money and opportunity? You being happy here will depend on whether you share our absolute commitment to integrity.
  • Excellence: Do you have a strong pride in your work, even when nobody will see it? Our high expectations for excellence will be a problem for those who do not bring their best effort to work. Likewise, we share a strong work ethic and the grit to persist through challenges. We expect everyone to bring their best to JUX every day.
  • Innovation: Do you operate best when your environment is unchanging and consistent? That is not us. We are continually working to improve how we work, resulting in changes in how we operate. Are you comfortable with uncertainty and change? Innovation requires change. In this way, we are very different from traditional law firms.
  • Trusted Advisor: Do you work to serve others, putting their interests first? This is important to us. Each member of our team is expected to help others achieve their goals even when we must subordinate our interests.
  • Teammate Satisfaction: Do others consider you positive and encouraging, always giving to help those around you? We believe life is too short to be unhappy at work. We sacrifice to invest in each other, encourage co-workers, and help make each person’s life better.
  • Teamwork: Do you like to work alone? If so, you will probably be irritated with our environment where we routinely collaborate with teammates. Do you like to serve others? To us, teamwork means we serve each other, including attorneys supporting administrative staff. If you don’t like to serve and empower others, you won’t like it here.

Strategic Alignment

We are transparent about our culture so you can identify whether you share our values. We understand that teams must have (1) shared values and (2) diverse strengths to maximize effectiveness for clients and ensure each team member loves what they do. Finding a career you love requires finding an environment that aligns with your values and a position that aligns with your strengths.

To consider joining our team, visit the job postings on the right column. You may send your information to careers@jux.law