Business Overview

Whether forming a new business or maintaining an old one, it is difficult to keep on the forefront of new laws and also changes in the law. It is essential to make sure that a business is informed of, and is following all the newest and updated laws.

JUX Law Firm’s business attorneys meet with business owners to go through the business owner checklist. This ensures they are following best practices, and also helps identify any possible legal problems before they arise.

There are different areas of the business that will need to be examined such as:

1. Employees: Our attorneys discuss all employment matters with business owners.

Many lawsuits develop because of employer-employee issues. The manner by which problems with employees are dealt with should be reviewed to make sure that the rights of both sides are adequately protected. Processes should be followed prior, during, and after employment.

Prior: It is unlawful for employers to ask questions relating to race, gender, religion, current relationship status, or any other non-job related topics.

During: Employers should have an employee/company handbook to make sure that all rules and expectations are clearly outlined. Employers need to make sure the working environment is safe and follows regulations.

After: Employers need to ensure the employees are not terminated for any unlawful reason.

2. Contracts: Our attorneys will analyze existing contracts or draft new contracts for the business owner.

The attorney should routinely evaluate all business contracts to ensure that they are up to date based on changing laws to make sure the employer and business are properly protected. By reviewing existing contracts, the attorney will be able to determine if any new contracts are needed.

3. Government Regulations: Our attorneys determine whether or not all regulations are being followed.

Some businesses have government issued regulations that the attorney can walk through with the business owner.

4. Litigation:

Our attorneys will review any ongoing litigation and advise the business owner, or identify any other litigation issues that can be taken care of prior to them becoming an issue.

Our attorneys enjoy meeting with business owners, to learn about their business, and to partner with them to get their businesses healthy and grow.