Aviation Personal Injuries Suffered by Minnesota Residents Visiting Florida


Every year thousands of Minnesotans travel to Florida as tourists or snowbirds to enjoy Florida’s warm weather and attractions. Unfortunately, some of these individuals suffer injuries while in the Sunshine State. Some of these injuries are the result of aviation-related mishaps.

Aviation personal injury is surprisingly common and may involve commercial aircraft, small private planes, helicopters, and ultralights. Personal injuries can also occur from parasailing, kite boarding, and skydiving which are popular recreational activities in Florida.

Aviation accidents can be caused by various sources: air traffic controller negligence, manufacturer defect/defective design, pilot error, improper airport maintenance, runway incursion (such as debris on the runway), and improper airplane maintenance or repair.

Aviation accidents are complex and victims thereof from Minnesota, or their families, should immediately contact a qualified Florida attorney, or an attorney licensed in both Florida and Minnesota.

Attorney Mark C. Santi is licensed to Practice Law in Minnesota, Florida, and New York.