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A Minnesota estate planning attorney, sometimes called a Minnesota trust attorney or Minnesota will attorney, can help you establish a will, trust, and other legal documents to accomplish your objectives and minimize taxes through thoughtful estate planning. We help clients plan to distribute and dispose of their property according to well-prepared plans.

Wills, Estates & Probate

Minnesota Estate Planning

Unfortunately, a lifetime of earnings can be wasted on unnecessary taxes and fees through poor estate planning (or no estate planning). By meeting with a Minnesota estate planning attorney, your attorney an analyze your situation, identify your goals, and prepare a customized estate plan for you and your heirs.

Only through careful planning can you ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. For most people, this means preparing a plan to transfer personal property to family members or charitable causes without delay or unnecessary expense for the recipients of assets after death.

Minnesota Estate Planning Attorney Services

Our experienced estate planning attorneys provide the following professional services

  • Assessment consultation
  • Will
  • Trust
  • Health Care Directive (living will, advance directive, instruction directive)
  • Power of attorney

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a Minnesota estate planning attorney.

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A living trust is a legal document that outlines a person's desires with regards to their assets, dependents, and heirs. It is similar to a will but differs in some important ways. Wills only become effective after a person dies and the the will enters probate. However, a living trust avoids probate allowing the designated

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A comprehensive estate plan should take into account far more than just what gifts you want to make upon your death. Your estate plan should also take into consideration the tax implications of those gifts as well as any gifts made while you are alive. The best way to ensure that your estate plan does

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Estate Planning issues are governed, for the most part, by state laws. This means that an estate plan prepared in one state may not accomplish all the intended goals in another state. It also means that both statutes and case law from the state where you are a resident will guide the creation of your

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Far too many people fail to take action with regard to putting an estate plan in place because they don’t know enough about the subject. With this in mind we would like to pass along three things that you should know about Wills. The above may sound like a contradictory statement, but in fact it

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It is important to leave no stone upturned when you are planning your estate. Some people put together some form of a makeshift estate plan without giving the matter much thought. These days, this is quite easily accomplished by using a tool that may be provided by an online marketer who sells generic legal documents

Does a Revocable Living Trust Provide Asset Protection in Minnesota?

People sometimes buy into solutions that sound too good to be true, and this can enter the field of estate planning. Do-it-yourself legal forms are available on the Internet. Some companies offer estate planning devices like wills and revocable living trusts. There are many reasons why you may want to take pause before buying into