Minnesota Foreclosure Attorney

Is your home being foreclosed? You may face eviction and liability for the amount owed on the mortgage plus legal fees for the foreclosure.

Are You Facing a Foreclosure?

A Minnesota foreclosure can be a frightening experience. A foreclosure is often the result of significant debt, financial hardship, and the failure to make mortgage payments. Don’t just give up, lose your home, and owe a substantial debt for the unpaid mortgage amount.

Most people in foreclosure have a number of options, depending on their mortgage agreement and the type of foreclosure elected by the lender. A Minnesota foreclosure attorney can analyze your mortgage agreement, explain your options, and fight for your rights.

Minnesota Foreclosure Options

Your options when facing the risk of foreclosure may include a deed in lieu of foreclosure, a short sale, or a foreclosure that does not involve a deficiency judgment that would make you liable for the amount of your mortgage that was unpaid. Other options may also be available, depending on your situation.

Mortgage Fraud or Misrepresentation

In some cases, people in foreclosure were taken advantage of by their mortgage broker or others in the lending process. These cases may include fraud or misrepresentation. Or these cases may simply involve a misunderstanding about how some loans work.

For example, during the loan process, there may have been promises of low interest loans, without buyers realizing that interest rates could drastically increase.

Similarly, a mortgage agent may have taken advantage of a person by offering to refinance their home, but then the person unwittingly signs documents transferring the home to another party. This type of mortgage fraud is illegal, and has severe consequences for the mortgage agent including liability to the victims of the scam.

Minnesota Foreclosure Attorney Help

An experienced foreclosure attorney can analyze your situation, explain your legal options, and help you move forward in the way that is best for your circumstances. Our experienced Minnesota foreclosure lawyers have helped many people facing foreclosure, with very satisfied clients who obtained everything they sought.

Contact a Minnesota Foreclosure Attorney

You are welcome to contact our office to have a Minnesota foreclosure attorney analyze your situation, inspect your foreclosure notices, interpret your mortgage agreement, and answer your questions.

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