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Is your business owed money? Debts to a company can crush the company.

We represent creditors in collecting large debts. We also represent debtors, ensuring their rights are protected.

We have represented professional service firms, medical practices, small business owners, contractors, and sub-contractors. Debts may involve non-payment of loans, fraud, large unpaid invoices, and other debts.

Our Procedure

We have refined our approach over the years to use best practices that improve the odds that our clients recover funds owed to them. Often, we will send out an initial demand for payment. Sometimes, this demand on our law firm’s letterhead motivates the debtor to pay. More often, the debtor refused to pay, so we file a lawsuit. We don’t waste time; statistics indicate a debt is less likely to be paid as it ages.

Once the lawsuit is filed in court, and the debtor is notified of the lawsuit and required to respond, usually within 20 days. If the debtor does not respond to the lawsuit, we can file a motion for default judgment. In essence, this means we ask the court to let you win the lawsuit by default because the debtor failed to timely respond.

At this point, the collection process may begin despite the fact that the debtor is still not cooperating. The court may either garnish up to 25 percent of the debtor’s wages, or it may require the selling of the debtor’s assets such as car, real estate, or bank accounts (known as a lien) to satisfy his debts.

Filing a lawsuit is often best course of action you can take when you are owed money and the debtor won’t pay, because a lawsuit forces a debtor to respond. The one concern is if the debtor has assets, or if your lawsuit will be wasted effort because the debtor files for bankruptcy, discharging your debt.

Commitment to Excellence

We understand each case is different, so we listen carefully to our clients’ unique circumstances and goals when preparing a strategy with them. Collaborating closely with clients in strategy development is critical to assure our work aligns with your budget and expectations.