Minnesota Civil Litigation Attorney

Aaron Hall is a civil litigation lawyer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is experienced in dealing with a variety of civil litigation disputes including issues such as breach of contract, torts and damages, product liabilities, and landlord and tenant disputes.

Should I Hire a Litigation Attorney?

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties seeking monetary damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions against the opposing party. Such areas of civil law usually involve money damages or claims for money, and generally requires a full-blown trial should mediation or arbitration in the pre-litigation stage fail to resolve the controversy. Minnesota lawyers experience their fair share of litigating civil suits, the most common of which are disputes involving accidents, breach of contract, landlords and tenants, employment and labor, and product liability.

The work of a civil litigation attorney is both diverse and demanding. Earnest efforts must be exercised to arrive at reasonable compromises before actually contemplating a jury trial. Since civil litigation is adversarial in nature, legal issues must necessarily be ironed out and assertive legal action must be taken.

Attorney Qualifications

Aaron Hall and his team of practicing attorneys at Thompson Hall Santi Cerny & Dooley with accumulated years of experience in the rigors of handling civil litigation cases, provide clients who are embroiled in civil controversies with competent legal services. These services embrace but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Torts and damages
  • Delicts and quasi-delicts
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Toxic torts
  • Debit recovery
  • Catastrophic injury litigation
  • Defective product litigation
  • Probate and contested estates
  • Other general civil litigation

In addition to their unimpeachable credentials, Aaron Hall and his lawyers at Thompson Hall Santi Cerny & Dooley are all licensed to practice law and litigate cases in the Minnesota State District Court, the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and the Minnesota Supreme Court. Their lawyers adopt a realistic yet assertive view in counseling clients throughout the entire litigation process with the client’s best interests in terms of case resolution as their foremost consideration. Apart from representing clients in actual court trial, Aaron Hall and his legal team also offer invaluable pre-litigation services such as initial case investigation and analysis, case evaluation, mediation, arbitration, or resort to other means of dispute resolution. Furthermore, Aaron Hall and his lawyers are always prepared to represent clients in the appellate stage of a case should initial litigation yield an adverse result to the client. In a nutshell, Thompson Hall Santi Cerny & Dooley seeks to provide the most efficient and suitable legal solution to the civil litigation issues of their clients, giving them the legal guidance their cases so richly deserve.

Experienced Lawyers in Minnesota Litigation

It is both a stressful and troublesome situation when one becomes a party to a civil litigation dispute. In these cases, the client needs a legal arm to lean on that is not only experienced and reliable, but likewise sensitive and prompt when it comes to addressing litigation issues. Aaron Hall and his attorneys at Thompson Hall Santi Cerny & Dooley can be that legal arm you can lean on. To learn your rights and alternatives in a dispute, contact attorney Aaron Hall to analyze your situation.

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