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Immigrant Investor FAQ: Investor Green Card, USCIS, EB-5 & I-526 Help

The process for immigrant investors can be intimidating. Terms like EB-5, USCIS, I-526, and "Green Card" are often unfamiliar topics to those who are not attorneys representing immigrant investors in international business deals. Below are answers to common questions asked by non-citizens interested in investing in companies in the United States. What are key terms

International Finance Checklist

There are many options available to a company that would like to obtain financing to engage in international business transactions. The following checklist is meant to provide a company’s decision maker with more information on the steps that need to be taken to thoroughly evaluate these options. Although each company has its own needs and

5 Legal Tips for Outsourcing Manufacturing to China

U.S. companies face a variety of issues when manufacturing in China. Here is a list of typical issues our clients routinely encounter: 1) Confidentiality Agreement: Many U.S. companies meeting for the first time with potential Chinese manufacturers do not realize that a U.S. drafted Non-disclosure Agreement is of little or no value in protecting their

Immigrant Investors: The EB-5 Program

The primary focus of the EB-5 program is the creation of jobs in the US, but it also represents an appealing opportunity for many foreign investors and their family members who wish to live, work, and/ or study in the US. Put simply, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program can offer a “win-win” situation where the