Minnesota International Business and Transactions

Doing business internationally isn’t easy. Different languages, business cultures, and legal and political systems are just a few of the unique challenges involved. Experience with international transactions and markets is key, and having a lawyer and advisor with that experience can make a world of difference. Our attorneys not only have that experience, but also the business mindset to help you create a strategy and achieve goals as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

Contracts & Other Agreements

The reality of doing business internationally is that a contract that works well in the US, may not work so well in other countries with different legal systems. That should be obvious, and yet some contracts drafted on behalf of US companies fail to appreciate that crucial point, with potentially serious consequences for the client. Understanding the best and most practical way to account for differences in the country of a potential business partner helps to achieve the intent of any written agreement, as well as helping to prevent future problems.

Intellectual Property

For many companies, protecting their intellectual property is a critical factor in deciding whether to do business in another country. What are the practical risks involved, and how can those risks be addressed? We can help you assess those risks, and if it makes sense to do business in a particular country, how best to minimize that risk as much as possible.

Government & Regulatory

Keeping track of applicable foreign and international laws and regulations, in addition to their US counterparts, can be daunting. Just one example that has gained recent attention is greater enforcement of China’s Anti-Corruption laws, and their potential application alongside the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Our attorneys will assist you with enacting a compliance system to deal with prospective liability under all applicable law and reduce the risks associated with non-compliance.


We are happy to work with companies of all sizes that are interested in doing business internationally. However, before you provide us with confidential information, please contact us to verify that we do not have a conflict of interest. After we confirm that we can represent you, we would be happy to discuss your circumstances, your business goals and any related issues, and how we can potentially assist you in achieving those goals.

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