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Minnesota Small Business Insurance

We could talk all day about all the insurance types available to Minnesota small businesses. Instead, this section will present the most important considerations to lead you down the right path to determining what insurance might be of benefit to you as a small business owner. What is the purpose for insurance? The entire purpose

The Affordable Care Act

Round 2 for Obamacare at the Highest Court On Wednesday March 4, 2015 the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), also known affectionately as “Obamacare” was back in front of the Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”). First, a little background. Back in 2012, SCOTUS determined that the ACA was constitutional in a 5-4 vote. The

Legal Issues for Business Owners in the Insurance Industry

Business owners acting as insurance brokers or agents will face a number of legal issues, and those issues will be shaped largely by the relationship your business has with its clients. Thus, as a business owner, it becomes your duty to be quite familiar with both how your company interacts with its clients and the

The Expected or Intended Injury Exclusion in Commercial General Liability Policies

Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy or “CGL” is a standard insurance policy issued to business organizations to protect them against liability claims for bodily injury or property damage arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations, and advertising and personal injury liability. However, as with most insurance policies there are exclusions for coverage. One

Professional Liability Insurance: The Basics

Insurance coverage is something that every business needs in protecting its assets and protecting it against potential lawsuits. If your business provides professional services such as attorneys, doctors, architects, insurance agents or accountants, then obtaining professional liability insurance or “errors and omissions insurance” is a must for your business. Professional liability insurance covers wrongful acts,

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance coverage is a technical and confusing area of the law. These disputes involve an insurance company denying coverage and arise in a variety of situations and commonly involve complicated and inter-related policy forms, insurance applications themselves and the prior dealings between the insured and the agent. The legal challenges are further exacerbated by the

Minnesota Emergency Medical Assistance Law

Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA) covers emergency services for legal noncitizens who are not eligible for regular Medical Assistance (MA) coverage with a federal match, undocumented persons, and nonimmigrants. EMA is administered by the Department of Human Services (DHS); the state receives the regular federal Medicaid match for the cost of EMA services. Eligibility and covered

Nursing Facility Reimbursement in Minnesota | How Facilities Are Reimbursed

Sky by Zaphad This informational post explains how nursing facilities in Minnesota are reimbursed. It includes information on how nursing facilities are reimbursed for residents on Medical Assistance (MA), the types of payments nursing facilities receive, rate equalization, the alternative payment system, rebasing, and the nursing facility moratorium and rebalancing. The Minnesota Department of Human

No-Fault Insurance in Minnesota

An automobile insurance policy covers several types of claims arising from accidents with cars. Some coverages are required by state law and some are optional. Liability protects your assets when you are legally liable for an accident. The insurance pays, on your behalf, for injuries to people and damage to their car. This coverage is

What You Need to Know About Minnesota Home Insurance

"house on fire" by Peretzpup. A home is often a person’s most valuable possession, yet many homeowners have only a vague idea of what their home insurance policy covers. And too often, it is not until disaster strikes that they find their insurance coverage is inadequate. A recent case: After tornadoes badly damaged or destroyed

Flexible Benefits Health Insurance Law: Questions and Answers | Minnesota Health Insurance Law

This informational post summarizes a Minnesota law enacted in 2005 that allows small employers to buy group health coverage that does not include all mandated benefits otherwise required by state law. The information brief does not cover every detail of the new law, and employers should obtain advice from a knowledgeable insurance professional. The 2005

Reemployment Insurance in Minnesota

This informational post explains the reemployment insurance law, including which employers and types of employment are covered under the law, how employer taxes are calculated, how employee benefits are determined, and how a person qualifies for benefits. This section explains which employers and types of employment are covered by the reemployment insurance law, which was

Long-term Care Insurance Income Tax Credit

The Minnesota long-term care insurance credit offsets the cost of long-term care insurance premiums by providing a credit against state income tax liability. The maximum Minnesota credit is equal to the lesser of $100 or 25 percent of the amount paid for each beneficiary. The maximum total credit is $200 annually on a joint return

Types of Insurance for Minnesota Small Businesses

Before you begin your business, you should thoroughly investigate your business insurance needs. The insurance industry today can tailor an insurance package to meet the general and specialized needs of almost every business. Because the insurance problems and needs of each business differ, no general insurance program can be outlined to fit every business. To