Aviation Personal Injuries Suffered by Minnesota Residents Visiting Florida

Every year thousands of Minnesotans travel to Florida as tourists or snowbirds to enjoy Florida's warm weather and attractions. Unfortunately, some of these individuals suffer injuries while in the Sunshine State. Some of these injuries are the result of aviation-related mishaps. Aviation personal injury is surprisingly common and may involve commercial aircraft, small private planes,

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Employees’ Rights & Grievances Under The Railway Labor Act

i. Whether a claim that an employer interfered with its employees’ rights under Railway Labor Act falls within the jurisdiction of the adjustment boards or federal courts. The Railway Labor Act (“RLA”) establishes adjustment boards for the purpose of arbitrating “disputes between an employee or group of employees and a carrier (“employer”)…growing out of the

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Minnesota Petroleum Tax

Information on: We’re ready to answer your questions! Getting a license Filing your monthly return Minnesota Department of Revenue Phone: 651-296-0889 License Application for Distributors and Special Fuel Dealers 600 North Robert Street, St. Paul, MN 55146-6330 Information in this booklet is available in other formats upon request for persons with disabilities. All distributors, special

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Airplane Tax

Sales Tax on Airplanes & Aircrafts in Minnesota

This post has been adopted from a Minnesota Department of Revenue Fact Sheet. When you acquire complete or partial ownership of an aircraft, or when you first bring an aircraft into Minnesota to be hangered, you must register the aircraft with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (DOT), Office of Aeronautics. You must furnish proof that

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Starting Your Own Gas Station or Convenience Store in Minnesota

Starting a gas station can be a wonderful idea. People who think they can run their own gas station should first consider their personality, skills and talents. Small business owners need to be patient, detail-oriented, self-motivated and disciplined. A gas station brings in large amounts of money and expends large amounts of money. Therefore, an

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