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Defending the “Accidental Celebrity” and the Right to Privacy

Many people make poor decisions while under the influence of controlled substances. When people are letting loose and partying, they are often not thinking about the consequences. In fact, many people believe it is safe to let loose, especially when they are in the company of friends. Unfortunately, these actions often have unintended consequences. What

Can You Stop Someone From Posting a Picture or Video of You Online?

In the age of the internet and sharing social media it has become a growing concern that some people will take a photograph or video of another and then post it online. Does posting the picture or video violate the subject’s privacy? The first question to ask in determining if there has been a violation

Minnesota’s “Wire Tap Law”:
Who Can Record a Phone Call?

Minnesota’s wiretapping statute, Section 626A .02, is almost identical to the federal wiretapping statute, 18 U.S.C. Section 2511(1). In general, Minnesota’s statute states that it is legal for a person to record a wire, oral, or electronic communication if that person is a party to the communication, or if one of the parties has consented