Orders for Protection

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Overview of Restraining Orders (Stay Away Orders)

What is a Restraining Order? There are three (3) types of restraining orders: Orders for Protection (OFPs) Harassment Restraining Orders (HROs) Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCOs) Each of these provides generally the same protections, where they differ is in there applicability to a specific situation. Let us break them down on an individual basis.

Domestic Violence Order for Protection in Minnesota

An Order for Protection (OFP) granted under the Minnesota Domestic Abuse Act applies within the entire state of Minnesota. Also, according to the United States’ Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (federal law), an OFP is recognizable and enforceable in all fifty states of the union, the District of Columbia, tribal lands, and United States

Minnesota Domestic Abuse Act and Available Relief

A petition for relief under the Minnesota Domestic Abuse Act is called a "Petition for an Order for Protection" (or "Petition for an OFP") in cases of domestic abuse occurring in Minnesota. It is important to remember that a petition for relief from domestic violence or domestic abuse may be made by any family or

Domestic Abuse Criminal Justice System Improvement

OFPs and no-contact orders must be included in the criminal justice data communications network. (The data network enables criminal justice agencies to share criminal justice information.) In addition, a no-contact order must be accompanied by an offender’s photograph to aid in the enforcement of the order. Minn. Stat. § 299C.46. The criminal and juvenile justice

Restrictions on Firearm Possession After Order For Protection

Restrictions on firearm possession in cases of domestic assault. No person who has been convicted of domestic assault in Minnesota or elsewhere or of violating a domestic abuse OFP may possess a pistol unless three years have elapsed since the date of conviction and, during that time, the person has not been convicted of any

Criminal Procedure Provisions Arrest Issues

A peace officer may arrest a person anywhere without a warrant, including at the person’s residence, if the peace officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed domestic abuse within the preceding 12 hours. The arrest may be made even though the domestic abuse did not take place in the presence of

Violation of a Minnesota Order For Protection (OFP)

Criminal penalties Violation of an OFP is subject to criminal penalties. A violation of an OFP also constitutes contempt of court and is subject to the penalties for contempt. Minn. Stat. § 518B.01, subd. 14. The court may require the respondent to acknowledge an obligation to comply with an OFP on the record if the

Minnesota Domestic Abuse Act Procedural Matters

An application for relief under the Domestic Abuse Act may be filed in any of the following: the court having jurisdiction over dissolution actions or the county of residence of either party the county in which a pending or completed family court proceeding involving the parties or their minor children was brought the county in

Relief Available Under the Domestic Abuse Act

A petition for relief under the Domestic Abuse Act is known as a petition for an OFP in cases of domestic abuse. A petition for relief may be made by any family or household member. In the case of a minor, the petition may be made by a family or household member or guardian, or,

Minnesota Domestic Abuse TRO – How to Get a Temporary Restraining Order

Minnesota Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 1-866-223-1111 Minnesota Domestic Abuse Project: 612-874-7063 National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 A TRO is a Temporary Restraining Order issued by a Minnesota court judge. The most common type of TRO is for domestic abuse or threats of violence in the family context, but Temporary Restraining Orders are also used in