Minnesota Unpaid Wages Attorney

Unpaid wages may be owed to you for a number of reasons. If you were not paid the proper amount according to federal or state law you may be entitled to receiving back pay. You may also be deserving if you were not paid for overtime according to the legal standards. These are two common reasons for owing unpaid wages but there are many more.

If you are not sure if you have a claim for unpaid wages, contact an attorney to discuss your situation and the possibilities for receiving back pay to make up for payment lost. This does not only have to occur after you have been terminated. If, for instance, you have been working overtime but not receiving the increased wage during those hours, you are entitled to receiving pay in that amount while you are employed.

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Avoid Confusion in Wage & Hour Claims: Minnesota Statute § 181.13

Avoid Confusion in Wage & Hour Claims: Minnesota Statute § 181.13 thumbnail

It is inevitable: every employer is eventually going to have to discharge an employee. What many employers do not realize is that the employee can immediately demand all wages or commissions earned up to the date of termination. Even when employers have established a biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly payroll, they have only 24 hours to

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ISSUES SURROUNDING BACK-WAGES Whether an employee has a right to unpaid wages within a particular number of days after termination of employment. Whether an option easier than court is available for collection of wages. SHORT ANSWER Yes. An employee has a right to be paid at least once per month. Yes. The Commissioner of Labor

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The following is a free demand letter sample demanding payment for overtime wages not paid. For more Minnesota demand letters, see the sample demand letter page. This letter is for example purposes only. Do not use this letter without consulting with an experienced employment attorney. [DATE] [PREVIOUS EMPLOYER] [STREET ADDRESS] [CITY], [STATE] [ZIP] Dear [FORMER

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Most workers who are paid an hourly wage and work more than 40 hours in a 7-day work week must be paid overtime. When paying overtime, a business must pay at least one and one-half times the worker’s regular hourly rate. Generally, employers cannot provide “comp” pay instead of paying overtime. For those employers not