Minnesota Harassment Attorney

Harassment often occurs in the workplace when an employer or supervisor act in a way that is severe, creating an intimidating environment, or changing an employee’s position or pay. There is any number of ways for this to occur including sexual comments or touching, derogatory terms, or intimidation.

If you think you are being harassed in your workplace, there are several things you must do. Determine if you are a member of a protected class, determine if you were harassed because of your membership in that class, and if that treatment affected their employment or performance. If this is the case or if you need help deciding if you have a harassment claim, you should contact an experienced employment attorney to discuss your options.

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Under the Minnesota Human Rights Act (“MHRA”), it is an unfair employment practice for an employer to discriminate against a person with respect to hiring, tenure, compensation, terms, upgrading, conditions, facilities, or privileges of employment, on the basis of the individual’s sex. (See footnote 1.) For purposes of sex discrimination, the term “discriminate” includes sexual

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Minnesota employees may wonder what qualifies as sexual harassment or an unlawfully hostile work environment. In Rasmussen et al. v. Two Harbors Fish Company et al. (2012), the Minnesota Court of Appeals recently explained. Under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, an unfair employment practice occurs when an employer, because of a person’s sex, discriminates against