Statute of Limitations

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Legislative History: Recent Changes to the Criminal Statute of Limitations

The following information summarizes recent changes to the criminal statute of limitations. In 1989, the legislature added a unique feature to the limitations period for child sex abuse to allow prosecution long after the offense occurred if the victim did not report the offense within the usual limitations period. This feature was added out of

Practical Application | Minnesota Criminal Statutes of Limitations

The general rule is that a statute of limitations begins to run when a crime is complete.16 A crime is complete when every element of the offense is satisfied.17 “Absent a statute providing otherwise, a period of limitation runs without interruption from the time the offense is committed until the prosecution is commenced.”18 Some courts

Current Limitations Periods | Minnesota Criminal Statutes of Limitations

Criminal Statute of Limitations (Minn. Stat. § 628.26) Any crime resulting in the death of the victim No statute of limitation Kidnapping No statute of limitation Labor trafficking if the victim was under the age of 18 No statute of limitation Sex offense (first, second, or third degree) if physical evidence is collected and preserved

Policy Considerations | Minnesota Criminal Statutes of Limitations

Scholars and commentators have identified various policy arguments supporting and opposing criminal statutes of limitations. Supporters of criminal statutes of limitations argue the following: There is less need for a criminal sanction against a person who demonstrates rehabilitation by remaining law-abiding for some time.6 In the interest of fairness, a prosecution should be based on

Minnesota Criminal Statutes of Limitations | Background

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The following series of posts provide an overview of Minnesota’s criminal statute of limitations. If you are not interested in solely criminal law, you may want to learn more about Minnesota statute of limitation law in general. These sections provide an overview criminal statute of limitations law in Minnesota: Policy Considerations Current Limitations Periods Practical