Minneapolis Business Lawyers

Thompson Hall was founded by representing business owners in small and mid-sized companies. We have a close working relationship with our business owner clients, including small and large companies, partnerships, and joint ventures.

We provide counsel to business owners, in a variety of business contexts, to ensure legal compliance, minimize taxes, and reduce risk. From formation to dissolution, we help our clients save money, minimize legal expenses, and avoid legal obstacles that could trip up their business.

Assisting New Business Owners

Our Minneapolis business attorneys work with new business owners on a weekly basis. The needs of new businesses are relatively simple. We love working with new business owners, so we offer a number of cost-effective options to fit the tight budget of a small business owner.

New business services include the following:

  • Selecting the best type of business (LLC, partnership, S corp, C corporation)
  • Drafting bylaws, buy-sell agreements, buy-back agreements, repurchase agreements, etc.
  • Planning to minimize taxes
  • Registering trademarks and copyrights
  • Negotiating commercial leases
  • Drafting employee manuals, standard company contracts, and business policies and procedures

Representing Growing Companies

Our business attorneys partner with business owners throughout the life of the business. Our attorneys understand business, in addition to business law. Our business law practice is about improving your bottom line and helping you compare your legal options based on your ROI. We understand you need the job done right, without unnecessary extra frills.

Our business lawyers represent established businesses in the following ways:

  • Drafting contracts for complex agreements
  • Collecting unpaid bills and debts
  • Minimizing risks of litigation and financial liability
  • Advising on trademark, copyright, patent, domain name, trade secret, and related IP issues
  • Advising companies on state and federal employment laws
  • Representing in lawsuits, arbitration, mediation, and administrative hearings
  • Dealing with trademark infringement, unfair business practices, trade secret violations, antitrust matters, and business torts

Helping Insolvent Business Owners

Not every business succeeds. When a business fails, our attorneys help protect the business owner’s finances, reputation, and assets. Many of our business clients are relieved to learn how many options are actually available to them. Our business attorneys can help struggling businesses with the following:

  • Negotiating debts and loan defaults
  • Dealing with harassing creditors
  • Analyzing complex financial issues
  • Preserving the most assets in bankruptcy

Managing Complex Business Deals

  • Negotiating complex deals and drafting sophisticated contracts
  • Addressing real estate problems
  • Preparing franchises, JVs, partnerships, and complex business relationships
  • Representing buyers and sellers in a business sale or purchase
  • Facilitating mergers and acquisitions
  • Advising on the sale and licensing of intellectual property and intangible assets

Experienced Minneapolis Business Attorneys

Our firm’s considerable experience in business and corporate law has been a great benefit to our business owner clients. Our goal is to develop personal relationships with our clients, to be available when they have questions or needs, and advise them on ways to minimize legal trouble so they can focus on growing their business and enjoying the rewards of their profits.

Our Minneapolis business attorneys are experienced in representing companies large and small. Their primary practice is representing business owners and businesses with under 50 employees. Representation includes avoiding legal problems through planning and careful contract drafted, providing answers to business legal questions as companies face legal issues, and representing parties in lawsuits and business deals.

Our business attorneys are experienced in representing businesses in a variety of industries. Their work has resulted in significant media coverage, speaking engagements, and being published in legal publications. Representing businesses is a significant portion of our law firm.

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