Danielle Weiler

As an Estate Planning Paralegal, my primary role is to empower clients by explaining their trust documents to them and ensuring their loved ones will be in good hands for many years to come. Not only is my role to explain complex legal concepts to clients, but also to reassure them that, although we don’t know what the future may hold, we can plan for any outcome in a variety of ways. Being the last face the clients see before they walk out our doors, it is my duty to ensure our clients are confident not only in our services but in their documents as well.

Danielle has worked for JUX Law Firm since 2016 and her commitment to the firm is clearly value oriented,

“Working at JUX is not only an immensely rewarding journey, but an opportunity for professional and personal growth as well. Every day I can anticipate to learn something new, and use this information to empower our clients to excel in their personal and professional lives as well.”

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Danielle has worked for JUX Law Firm since 2016.


Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies with a focus in Pre-Law, Winona State University, 2016


Danielle spends her free time with her cat, Apollo, and volunteering in the Minneapolis area.