Attorney Scams

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Roberto Victor Attorney Scam

Dear Counsel, I am in the process of attaining an attorney that will assist me in collecting funds that i loaned a business partner that currently resides in your jurisdiction. If this is your area of practice, please contact me to provide you with further Information. Sincerely Roberto Victor The following is a response

Nelson Thomas, Lawson Roberts, Bradley Gibson Attorney Scam

Nelson Thomas, Lawson Roberts, Bradley Gibson Attorney Scam thumbnail

Our law firm recently received a scam email from one Nelson Thomas. In his emails, Nelson Thomas claims that one Bradley Gibson owes him $124,000.00. The emails our firm received are published below.

For a list of similar scam emails, see our post on scam emails targeting attorneys.

Anne Goldschmidt – Brian Smith Attorney Scam Email

Our firm has recently been contacted by one Anne Goldschmidt regarding an unpaid debt. This appears to be a wire transfer scam, similar to many other scams targeting attorneys. Dear Counsel, I am in need of your legal assistance regarding a breach of loan agreement I provided a friend of mine in the amount of

Philip John Meridian Medical London Attorney Scam | Fraudulent Email

Click here for more attorney scams One of our firm's attorneys received the following scam email: We have a dispute with: Zimmer Spine 7375 Bush Lake Rd, Minneapolis,MN 55439 They supplied us with Medical Equipment that failed to meet UK safety standards. We have an agreement with them that states if any purchase fails to

Kenny Jive Aria Technology Attorney Scam Fraud Letter

Our firm has recently been contacted by one Kenny Jive, supposedly with Aria Technology Ltd. Some online research indicates others have received similar emails in which Kenny Jive claims to be with Simon Store CO. Ltd. Have you been contacted by Kenny Jive with similar emails? Tell us about your experience in the comments section

Attorney Scam: Griffin Dilwyn Med-Equip Healthcare Limited

Our firm was recently contacted by one Mr. Griffin Dilwyn, supposedly with Med-Equip Healthcare Limited. This scam targeting attorneys uses real names of people and businesses in an attempt to add the appearance of legitimacy. The scam is also likely tailored to the geographical area of the targeted attorney. Click here to learn more about

Keith Renni RG Wire & Cable Attorney Scam

Our law firm was recently contacted by someone claiming to be Keith Rennie, Director of RG Wire & Cable limited. Our firm contacted RG Wire & Cable and inquired about the correspondance. Keith Rennie confirmed that the message was "an internet scam" and should be ignored. The scam was particularly convincing in that it used

Kaito Souta Toru Hashimoto Attorney Scam

Our firm has recently received several emails from someone claiming to be with the Japanese law firm Hashimoto Law Office. Hashimoto Law Office warns on their website that an impostor has been using their name. More scams targeting attorneys From the Hashimoto Law Firm website: ! An Important Notice for all Lawyer Firms in the

Rich Robertson Fraud Email: Attorney Scam

Our law firm recently received emails from one Rich Robertson that are part of a scam targeting attorneys. The scam involves requesting that a "mediator in the collection" of a debt supposedly owed by one Eric Muller. The purpose of providing this information is to help other attorneys avoid being victims (lawyers searching for Rich

Bruce Shattock Fraud Letter: Attorney Scam

Our office has been contacted several times by Bruce Shattock, supposedly on Behalf of S&J Boring Inc. Similar scams targeting attorneys have been reported in Alabama. Within the scam emails, Bruce's phone number is listed as 734 956 2445. The following are our firm's correspondences with one Bruce Shattock. Bruce Shattock Dear Counsel, On

Mrs. Tracy Gold Fraud Letter: Attorney Scam

Our office recently received a physical scam letter from Mrs. Tracy Gold. The fraudulent letter claims that Mrs. Tracy Gold was directed to contact our office in order to settle a loan owed to Mrs. Hillary Higgins Green. The scam letter came with fraudulent cashiers check in the amount of $145,500. Click here for more

Scams Targeting Attorneys

I have heard from a number of attorneys that scam artists are targeting lawyers claiming to need legal help. I have decided to posts these email messages here in case other attorneys receive them and wonder whether they are legitimate. There may be similar scams preying on other professions and businesses. The scam begins by