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Medical Professionals Team Leaders

Minnesota Attorney Maureen A. Carlson

                         Maureen A. Carlson

Minnesota Attorney Matthew McClenahan

                         Matthew J. McClenahan

Representation of Medical Professionals

In recent years, medical professionals have been faced with an increasingly complex economic and legal environment. It can be a struggle just to stay current with medical developments; trying to keep pace with the ever-evolving business and regulatory side of the profession, has proven practically impossible. To maximize success, leading medical professionals are beginning to recognize the importance of working with an experienced team of lawyers.

Medical Professional Legal Experience

At JUX we have a team of attorneys that concentrate on representing licensed health care professionals, such as dentists, doctors, chiropractors and their businesses. Our team is dedicated to providing health care professionals with legal assistance, while also while also engaging in strategic planning with them to grow their businesses.

We provide advice with respect to:

  • Review and negotiation of all contracts and key contractual provisions affecting health care professionals, including employment agreements, compensation provisions and options, non-compete and other restrictive covenants, rights of first refusal, buy-in options, and Minnesota Health Records Act and HIPAA obligations.
  • Representation for new practices, including entity choice, tax elections, and new professional practice entity formation.
  • Asset protection and estate planning for health care professionals.
  • Assistance with new practice site acquisition and health care practice office leasing.
  • Advice and assistance with legal issues arising when hiring, retaining and terminating associate providers, medical assistants and staff.

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