JUX Law Firm is our new name

JUX replaces our former names, Thompson Hall Santi Cerny & Katkov and The Molever Law Firm.

Our Purpose

We exist to empower others, shifting power from our attorneys to our clients, to make the world better one person, team, and company at a time.

We don’t pretend to be a full service law firm. Our firm is designed around the legal needs of companies, including estate planning for business owners.

We don’t have a collection of divergent practices under one roof. We operate as a team united behind a common vision.

This gives a laser focus, eliminating distractions from the needs of diverse and unrelated practice areas.

A Different Kind of Law Firm

Existing for a single purpose results in tangible differences. We are efficiently focused on one mission for one type of client, avoiding the distractions and expenses of a “full service” law firm.

We are “hands on.” We value efficiency, responsiveness, and results. This includes taking time to understand each client’s business, strategizing together, and engaging in law laser focused on clients’ short and long term goals.

Partnering in Your Business

Our clients want more than traditional legal services: they want a teammate who shares their goals. They hire us because we take time to understand them and use the law to focus on their goals.

We are more than legal technicians—we are strategic advisors. We consider business strategy and company impact, not just legal strategy. We focus on serving as trusted advisors.

We bring a CEO’s mindset to every legal matter, weighing the ROI of legal options, and building a legal strategy that aligns with the company’s core values and goals.

Value & Alternative Fees

Our clients don’t want the cheapest attorney. They also don’t want to pay the rates of big law firms. We leverage our experience in large law firms, with major corporations, and serving top judges, at rates below what our former law firms would charge for our services.

We shift power to our clients through transparency in billing and regular communications. We believe it is shameful to surprise clients with unexpected invoices. Likewise, we despise the practice of over-lawyering and over-billing clients because the attorney failed to understand the client’s budget and needs. In addition, we routinely offer alternative fee options to accommodate clients’ needs.

We embrace the trusted advisor approach to serving clients. We often recommend clients choose the option that results in less legal fees for us, but we believe long term trust is far better than short term financial gain.


Our Minneapolis attorneys have a depth of experience that gives an advantage when advancing our clients’ goals.

In lawsuits, business deals, and general legal counsel, our attorneys have represented countless companies in a variety of industries.

Our attorneys have worked in major corporations, large law firms, and courts like the Minnesota Supreme Court and Federal District Court of Minnesota. They routinely represent business clients before state and federal courts, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the IRS, state agencies, arbitration, and other legal venues.

Results & Credentials

Our attorneys are recognized for their exceptional results: a public track record of effectively representing clients, strong client satisfaction, and media recognition of their public actions.

JUX attorneys are licensed and admitted to practice in California, Washington D.C., Florida, Minnesota, New York, and North Dakota.

Our attorneys are published authors of legal works, recognized public spokespersons in the media, recipients of awards, licensed and admitted to practice before a variety of courts and tribunals, and active members of the legal community.

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