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It’s time for a change in the way the law supports people—in life and in business.

Time to put minds to work and egos to rest. Time to restore the faith people have lost from self-serving counsel. It’s time to provide actionable knowledge to see you through your needs, immediate and long term. From the name on our door to the collaborative nature in which we share our expertise, it’s time for a legal partner that uses their power to empower you.

Power Shift

At JUX, we believe legal expertise is best used to empower others (not ourselves). We do this by innovating new ways to share our legal knowledge and skill in areas like business guidance, corporate law, contracts, litigation, intellectual property, and estate planning.


  • “We are awed by JUX’s new approach…the combination of deep experience and creative problem solving that you offer is a rare and valuable resource.”

    Kristen Eide Tollefson, The Book House
  • “You genuinely care about our business and the executives who run it, and that sets you apart from the other firms in our market.”

    Eugene Marier, Anchor Paper
  • “JUX attorneys understand the big picture while ensuring each detail is addressed. They are talented, experienced, hard working, thoughtful . . .”

    Jeremy Carroll, Latitude
  • “Your legal advise, guidance, and knowledge . . . has been spot on.”

    Ryan Klemetson
  • “JUX has represented our companies for many years. I highly recommend JUX attorneys.”

    Roger Reger, Precision Auto Supply
  • “timely, informative, knowledgeable, and great to work with!”

    Sara Sauer, Sauer CPA



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